Guide to Giving Good Feedback For Managers

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Giving feedback is hard.

A manager's toughest job is giving good feedback to their direct reports. The feedback needs to be direct but kind, and constructive. Direct reports should leave feedback meetings feeling empowered and know how to improve.

Yet, human nature is to respond negatively when we hear something negative about ourselves 😉

So, how do you give good feedback as a manager? I asked myself (and many Engineering Managers, Directors and VPs) this same question, and put together the perfect guide.

The Guide:


  • Conversation Template
  • SBI Framework for Individual Instances and Overarching Behavior
  • Framework Checklist

...and more! You will get both a PDF version and Notion link to duplicate to immediately use.

Here's a sneak peak:

Review of Feedback Notes:

The best feedback I've ever given has always come from me reviewing my notes with other managers. I will personally review and give you comments on your feedback notes to make sure you are prepared and providing feedback in a productive + kind way.

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Guide to Giving Good Feedback For Managers

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I want this!